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We are a team of London-based tutors specialising in psychometric tests. We can help to ease your job application process and help you to acquire your dream job. We help clients to ace their online tests and achieve the highest score (or obtain lower if requested). Our extensive experience doing hundreds of psychometric tests coupled with our academic and teaching ability always guarantees us (and you!) a pass.

What We Offer

The below are tests that all the major corporations use eg Barclays, RBS, Lloyds, Civil Service, TFL etc


one-to-one session

In person session


You share your screen with one of our expert tutors via Skype or Zoom and we we work together live in real time.

Online screen share session

You share your screen with one of our expert tutors via Skype or Zoom and we we work together live in real time. 


For aptitude tests and assessment centres. This can be done online or one-to-one in person. We will teach you how to master psychometric tests and gain a lifelong skill. Please enquire for rates and availability.


Coming Soon

Prices are set to increase soon so get in touch now to secure these rates.

We provide a very unique service and get booked very quickly, hence why we have to run a queue-based system. Once payment and login has been received we will add your test onto the queue. For the best results it is best to send payment at least 72 hours before your deadline.

We provide a genuine and reliable service in strict client confidentiality. If you are genuinely
interested feel free to get in touch and we will help you the best we can.


We are a team on London-based tutors. Over the years we have had hundreds of clients requesting our help with their online job tests making us the most skilled tutors in this field – if we cannot pass them then no one can! We have had hundred of students from all over Europe, Australia, Singapore, India, Canada, USA and many others

Most candidates usually get help with these tests through friends or family or hiring a tutor. We understand these tests are very difficult, important and can be given at short notice so that most people don’t have the time to properly prepare. This is why we decided to be the first tutoring company in the UK specialising in psychometric testing and hence TestHelpTutors was born.

We provide a service where we can ensure our clients and students pass first time without leaving it to chance using the help of our tutors. We aim to not only help our clients pass their tests, but to also gain the knowledge so that they can pass them on their own.


We Also Upload Online Video Tutorial Videos On Our YouTube And Are Working On A Comprehensive Online Course. Be Sure To Keep An Eye Out For That!

Our Tutors

Our tutors also work with and have been an integral part of various tuition agencies in London. Depending on our tutor’s availabilities, we will allocate to you help from one of our experienced tutors.



 a highly experienced tutor specialising in psychometric tests

He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from a top Russell Group university and has been tutoring for nearly a decade. He helps dozens of clients with their online job tests on a weekly basis making him one of the most (if not the most) experienced in psychometric testing in the UK and worldwide.



Has almost 8 years tutoring experience and comes from an engineering background

He provides an established range of tuition, including teaching from 11+ all the way through GCSE and up to and including A-levels and psychometric testing. His qualifications include MSc in Engineering and teaching at high achieving independent schools in London.


Some Test Results


We provide a genuine and reliable service in strict client confidentiality. If you are genuinely interested feel free to get in touch and we will help you the best I can. 

Send us a quick message via email or WhatsApp letting us know which service you are interested in. Once a service and time is agreed you can make payment via PayPal or bank transfer. Only once payment is received then booking will be confirmed.

Alternatively you can make an order for a reduced number of slots directly through our website (this functionality is still under development for most countries outside of the UK). Feel free to drop us a message through email, WhatsApp/Instagram/Facebook or make a phone call on +447342851110.

We are the most experienced in these tests and if we can’t pass them then no one can. Do check out our YouTube page for our free video tutorials helping candidates with their tests.

We also take payment via PayPal. PayPal offers buyer’s protection. If there are any disputes between buyer and seller PayPal will reimburse you. However, keep in mind we provide the best service possible to our customers and work hard for your repeat business, client referrals and positive testimonials!

Prices are per individual test. Numerical is one test. Verbal is another test. And Logical is another test. These three are three different tests, not one. Each of these tests would need careful planning and preparation to pass each.

We specialise in Numerical, Verbal and Logical tests. We don’t usually do Situational Judgment Tests or Personality tests. SJT and Personality are quite subjective, role specific and based on your personality, so you would be better at it than us. However, if you would still really want our help with this feel free to enquire

A lot of time and effort needs to be given in preparation for each individual test to guarantee a pass. Psychometric tests are designed to be difficult for most people and often have to be completed in a very limited time. For this reason most legitimate test helpers rightly charge several hundred per test (which is a small investment considering the potential earnings one will make when they acquire their dream job).
If a job’s salary pays £25k+ a year then our small fee not only becomes negligible, but a wise investment. The return you will be getting from investing in one of our services will pay for itself many times over.
Many of our happy clients understand this which is why they have often paid us significantly more for our services than what we charge

We are very busy and get booked very quickly. We are selective of who we work with and only work with clients who act fast and get along with the process – that way not delaying our time and helping to ensure the best results are achieved. Feel free to get in touch. If we feel you are a good fit we will consider taking you on.

We only take on clients that we know we can pass for – making it a win/win situation for both of us. We specialise in Numerical, Logical and Verbal tests and can ensure top passes for these tests from any test provider.

If you are a first time customer we will gladly offer you a full refund if the test isn’t a pass.

However, please be assured this wouldn’t be the case. We get the best results for all of our customers and work hard for your repeat business and client referrals.

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Pass Your Online Test Without Leaving It To Chance Using An  Experienced Tutor!